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Optimizing a Wix Design & SEO Campaign for an Interior Architect in Saigon.


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April 2021



Services rendered:



In response to the unique challenges faced by our client, a Saigon-based interior designer, we undertook a strategic initiative to overhaul their online presence.

The existing website suffered from a lack of visitor engagement, reflected in low traffic and minimal client inquiries. Furthermore, the Wix platform on which the website was built exhibited technical inadequacies, including poor mobile responsiveness, suboptimal image optimization, and an overall unappealing layout.

Compounding these issues was the insufficient content, which failed to effectively convey the client’s expertise and services.


Our comprehensive solution involved a concise yet impactful 4-month SEO audit and campaign.

This strategic approach aimed at not only improving the website’s search engine visibility but also rectifying the technical flaws inherent in the Wix platform.

The website underwent a transformation, with bug fixes addressing mobile responsiveness issues, layout modifications for enhanced user experience, and image optimization to expedite loading times.

Simultaneously, our team worked on enriching the website’s content, incorporating well-crafted, SEO-optimized texts. This augmentation not only addressed the content deficiency but also positioned the client as an authority in the field of interior design in Saigon, Vietnam. To further amplify online presence, a meticulous backlink creation campaign was implemented.


The outcomes of our intervention were profound. The client witnessed a notable surge in website traffic, signaling an increased interest from potential clients. The redesigned website and enriched content prompted heightened user engagement, leading to a noticeable uptick in client inquiries. The technical enhancements, including improved mobile responsiveness and optimized image loading, further contributed to an enhanced user experience.

Most significantly, our strategic SEO efforts resulted in improved search engine rankings, elevating the client’s online visibility in a competitive market. In just four months, our tailored approach not only addressed the initial challenges but also positioned the client for sustained success, making their mark in the dynamic landscape of interior design in Saigon, Vietnam.

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