Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Give your products the packaging they deserve.

Packaging design outsourcing in Vietnam

Packaging is a key element in marketing and selling a product. It protects the product, communicates its qualities and attracts consumers.

Tailor-made packaging created by design experts

Working with knok studios means benefiting from the following guarantees:  


Design & branding

A successful packaging is a balance between aesthetic creativity and meeting technical constraints.

  • We design packagings that showcase your products, your graphic identity and your logo.
  • Our packagings are adapted to the requirements of your products (size/weight, etc.).
  • We are compliant with regulatory requirements and include legal notices.
  • We design Eco-friendly packaging if requested.

All types of packaging

Because all needs are different, our team is able to work on all types of materials:

  • Cardboard and paper: Can be used for cases, folding boxes, paper bags, etc.
  • Plastic: Can be used for plastic film, bags, trays and blisters in PET, PP, PVC, etc.
  • Glass: Glass bottles and jars in a variety of finishes (clear, colored, frosted, etc.).
  • Metal: cans, metal boxes, aerosols, flexible tubes, etc.
  • Wood: Wooden cases, trays and boxes.
  • Textile: Fabric bags, pouches, etc.
  • Other: Composite materials.
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Your designs belong to you. Our teams provide you with complete files that can be easily modified and used by your teams or partners:

  • Editable files in the most common formats (AI, SVG…).
  • Realistic 2D or 3D models.
  • Real-life mockups and product shots.
  • Technical file for production and editable files.
  • Advice on adapting your product to other materials.

Samples and swatches

Do you need to see your final products out of the virtual world? We can produce your prototypes and samples:

  • Prototypes and physical samples to validate rendering.
  • 3D printing to visualize upstream volumes.
  • Tests and verification of packaging functionality.
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Are you looking for a partner to cost-effectively produce your packaging in Vietnam? We can help you with :

  • Choice of materials, finishes and printing technologies.
  • Calls for tenders from our partner suppliers.
  • Production launch.
  • Quality control.
  • Compliance with deadlines and quantities.

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