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We help you acquire customers online.

Digital advertising outsourcing in Vietnam

Do you have a product and want to acquire customers?

At knok studios, we develop tailor-made, multi-channel marketing strategies to help you drive qualified traffic to your site and convert it into sales.

Boost your online sales with knok studios!

Working with knok studios means benefiting from the following guarantees:

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Paid search (SEA) - Google Ads campaigns

We help you design, implement and optimize your Google Ads campaigns to ensure the best ROI:

  • We define the types of Google campaigns that are most relevant to your approach:
    • Search campaign (Google sponsored links)
    • Display campaign (Banners via Google)
    • Shopping ads (Product Ads via Google)
    • Video campaign (YouTube Ads)
    • Mobile Apps campaign (Google PlayStore promotion)
    • Local campaign
  • We carry out an in-depth analysis of the keywords of potential interest for your company and their costs (Search Campaign).
  • We continuously optimize your campaigns to reduce your CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Acquisition), notably through A/B testing and constant monitoring of bids.
  • Our campaigns are designed to match your budget. Accurate and regular reporting is provided.
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Sponsored campaigns on social networks

We design and manage sponsored campaigns on the main social networks to reach your target audience in a targeted way and improve your visibility:

  • We work with you to determine the most relevant social networks for your target audience and marketing objectives:
    • Facebook Ads : Sponsored campaigns on Facebook to generate leads, sales or awareness.
    • Instagram Ads : Sponsored creative campaigns in story, photo or video format.
    • LinkedIn Ads : B2B sponsored campaigns to generate qualified leads.
    • Twitter Ads : Sponsored campaigns to generate engagement and traffic.
  • We create network-specific visuals and messages for maximum impact.
  • We accurately target your audience based on their demographics, interests and browsing behavior.
  • Our campaigns are designed to match your budget. Accurate and regular reporting is provided.
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Email campaigns

We design and deliver engaging email campaigns to inform and convert your audience: 

  • We will work with you to define the types of email campaigns best suited to your objectives:
    • Newsletters: Inform and engage your audience with relevant content
    • Promotional campaigns:  Boost sales with special offers
    • Recapture campaigns: Reactivate inactive contacts;
    • Automated campaigns :Sequence of messages that are triggered by specific criteria.
  • We create and segment a qualified database to best target each campaign.
  • We write engaging emails with effective call-to-actions to boost conversion.
  • We optimize our campaigns with A/B tests on subjects, content and dispatch times.
  • We monitor detailed stats (opening rates, clicks) to maximize performance.
  • We integrate email with your website and CRM for optimum synergy.
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Landing pages

We design optimized landing pages to meet your marketing objectives and generate more conversions:

  • We work with you to define the types of landing pages to be created according to your needs:
    • Email capture : Collect email from website visitors
    • Ebook : Get customer data in exchange for valuable content
    • Contact form: Collect and process incoming requests
    • Sales page: Boost your sales and conversions
  • We create pages with a modern design and an optimized user experience.
  • We write engaging, SEO-optimized content.
  • We integrate call-to-actions and forms to capture prospects.
  • We A/B test every element to maximize conversions.
  • We ensure seamless integration with your CRM and analytics tools.
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Advertising networks and affiliation

We identify the best advertising spaces and affiliate programs for your products:

  • We will work with you to determine which of the following channels and programs are most relevant to your target audience:
    • Advertising networks: Purchase of advertising space on a CPM or pay-per-click basis
    • Affiliation : Partnership with merchant sites for commissions on sales
    • Native advertising : publicités natives intégrées éditorialement sur des sites à haut trafic
  • We negotiate the best rates with advertising agencies according to your objectives.
  • We analyze the visibility and performance of your ads on each site or network.
  • We continuously optimize the allocation of your budget to the most effective channels.

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