Will SEO become useless in the AI Chatbots Era?

At KNOK STUDIOS, our web agency based in Ho Chi Minh City, we specialize in providing SEO and content solutions to businesses of all sizes. While many wonders if the rise of AI and chatbots like ChatGTP renders SEO irrelevant, we firmly believe that this is not the case.

While we’ve only used ChatGPT for internal research purposes, our  modest experience in the field has given us the ability to start grasping the potential impact of tools like this in  the SEO industry.

In this article, we’ll share our insights on why SEO is still crucial in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. We also decided to ask the assistance of ChatGPT on the topic for illustrative purpose.


People will keep visiting websites

Let’s address first the elephant in the room. People will still visit websites. Acquisition channels will maybe evolve but you will still be discovered by people making online research using regular search engines or chatbots.

  • Websites offer a wealth of information beyond the scope of chatbots: While chatbots can provide quick answers to specific questions, they are limited in their ability to provide more comprehensive information. Websites offer a much wider range of information, such as product descriptions, company background, customer reviews, and more.


  • Websites provide a more immersive experience: Websites allow for a more immersive experience compared to chatbots, which are limited to a text-based conversation. Websites can incorporate multimedia elements, such as videos, images, and interactive features, that help to engage visitors.


  • Websites are necessary for complex tasks: While chatbots can handle simple requests, such as answering frequently asked questions, they are limited in their ability to handle more complex tasks, such as making purchases, filling out forms, or navigating across several layers of information.


  • Websites provide credibility and trustworthiness: Websites offer a sense of credibility and trustworthiness that chatbots may lack. A well-designed website with a professional appearance can inspire confidence in a company and the information provided. Chatbots may be perceived as impersonal or even untrustworthy by some users.



The impact of AI chat bots on E-Commerce Website

Replying to one of our customers who is currently adding to its business an E-commerce website, our CEO Arnault Bartoulot explained:

“AI chatbots can reduce the quantity of visits to an ecommerce website by quickly guiding customers thanks to personalized recommendation to the right products, but this will also result in a drastic increase in the quality of the leads, a higher conversion rate and potentially increased sales.”


AI is impressively great at creating content but cannot work without human direction and supervision

An other question we have been recently asked was: Should I stop working with professional writers or content specialists. AI can write just write the content I need right?
Well AI is clearly not there yet:


  • AI lacks creativity and human understanding: While AI is great at producing large amounts of content quickly, it lacks the creativity and nuance that humans possess. AI-generated content may be useful for some purposes, but it lacks the human touch that makes content engaging and informative.


  • AI requires human guidance and direction: AI can only produce content that it has been programmed to create. Humans must provide the initial direction and guidance for the AI system to ensure that it creates content that aligns with the brand’s voice, style, and values.


  • AI needs human oversight to ensure quality: While AI can create a lot of content quickly, it’s important to have human oversight to ensure that the content is high-quality, accurate, and free from errors. Humans can provide a critical eye to ensure that the content is up to par.



Quality vs quantity

As AI becomes more advanced and widely used, it is likely to increase the overall volume of content available online. This means that there will be more competition for attention and visibility, making it even more important for businesses and individuals to create high-quality, valuable content that stands out from the crowd.


SEO is also about technical factors and AI cannot do the heavy lifting in this area

To be discovered and recommended on the web you need a user-friendly website. Making the experience of your visitors as good as possible is what we call “technical SEO”. Anyone who run a business online know it and this an area where AI is nowhere near replacing the human skills.



  • Technical SEO requires a deep understanding of the website’s infrastructure: Technical SEO involves optimizing the website’s backend to ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index the content. This requires a deep understanding of the website’s infrastructure, which is difficult for AI to grasp without human intervention.


  • Technical SEO requires complex problem-solving: Technical SEO problems can be complex as you are often facing multiple issues that you need to be able to prioritize. Humans are better equipped to do so, as they can think creatively.


  • Technical SEO requires constant monitoring and updates: Technical SEO is not a one-time effort, but an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and updates. Humans are better suited to manage this process, as they can monitor the website’s performance and make necessary changes to improve its rankings.


Can AI help you to optimize the speed of your website?

Optimizing website loading speed. Website loading speed is an important technical factor for SEO, as faster-loading websites tend to rank higher in search results. AI will struggle to identify the issues that may be slowing down a website’s loading speed as they are often the results of several smaller underlying problems.

AI also cannot do the heavy lifting required to fix these issues. Humans are necessary to make the necessary changes, such as compressing images or reducing the number of HTTP requests…


SEO is about link building and AI can only marginally be helpful with that.

Links pointing to or coming from your websites have always been an important criterion for Search Engine to evaluate the relevance of online content. This factor may lose part of his weight in the future but for now it’s still matter a lot.



  • Link building is a time-consuming process: Building a strong backlink profile is an essential aspect of SEO, but it requires a significant amount of time and effort. AI may be able to identify potential link opportunities, but it cannot do the outreach and relationship-building necessary to secure high-quality backlinks.


  • Linking building is about creating relationships with other websites within your industry. This process involves reaching out to other website owners or editors, pitching your content or resources, and collaborating on content. This a profoundly human endeavor where AI can only by at best an assistant.


  • The quality of backlinks is important: The quality of backlinks is just as important as the quantity. AI may be able to identify potential backlinks, but it cannot assess the quality of those links. Human judgment is necessary to determine if a potential backlink is from a reputable source and will help to improve search rankings.


With link building creativity is key

Link building is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each industry and website requires a unique approach to building a strong backlink profile. AI may be able to identify some potential opportunities, but it cannot provide the level of creativity and ingenuity required to build a truly robust backlink profile.


SEO is ultimately about building a brand which is out of reach for an AI

What we believe at KNOK is that your end goal should always be building a brand. Everything you will do to improve your SEO will help your brand and having a recognized brand will make your SEO efforts easier:

–  By creating good content you are building brick by brick your brand

–  If your brand is recognized it will increase the likelihood of users clicking on your website in search results and it will also be easier to obtain backlinks

With more and more content produced with the assistance of AI – Website and more generally Brand Authority will become more and more important. A strong brand – researched and mentioned by people is now an invaluable asset and we do not see that changing anytime soon.

We offer web services of design, development and marketing, customized to your industry, your digital project and your budget.

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