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Website maintenance outsourcing in Vietnam

Do you have a functional website with issues or one that no longer meets the latest standards? Are you looking to perform updates? Concerned about lost data? We have the solutions.

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Working with knok studiosmeans benefiting from the following guarantees:

Technical maintenance

A website does not exist in a static environment. The technologies used, as well as the applicable web standards, evolve very rapidly. An unmaintained website is a doomed website…

  • We perform the necessary software updates to keep your site current and high-performing. (CMS updates / plugin and theme updates…).
  • We fix bugs, errors, and malfunctions that could affect the user experience.
  • We implement an automatic system for regular data backups to safeguard against any technical issues.
  • We carry out regular optimizations to ensure your website’s performance in terms of speed and stability.


Domain names & hosting

We ensure the security of your domain name and hosting:

  • We advise you on the best hosting and CDN providers and organize migrations if necessary.
  • We monitor your domain names and renew them on time to prevent any interruptions.
  • We suggest domain names to acquire if there are identified risks of cybersquatting.
  • We ensure that your hosting infrastructure is scalable, secure, and offers maximum uptime.
  • We implement redundancy and backups to ensure continuous availability of your website.
  • As needed, we can set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate content distribution.


We ensure the security of your website at all levels:

  • We secure your website’s data and user data (SSL encryption and more).
  • We secure access to your back office (2FA and more) and conduct an audit of user access and permissions granted.
  • We provide continuous monitoring of your site and set up automatic alerts to trigger in case of anomalies.
  • We can train your teams in good cybersecurity practices (phishing prevention).
  • If needed, we implement a cloud-based DDOS protection service to detect real-time attacks and filter malicious traffic.

Content updates and SEO

Without regular work on your content, your site will gradually sink into the depths of search engine rankings:

  • We regularly update and enrich the information on your site to keep it relevant.
  • We write and integrate new pages into your site to build your authority.
  • We monitor your traffic and your SEO rankings on search engines.


Need in-depth work on your SEO (audit – keyword research – content)? Check out our SEO services

Design revamps and ergonomic improvements

You want to give your website a modern and engaging look without starting from scratch?

  • We conduct a comprehensive graphic review to identify possible visual improvements based on your budget.
  • We suggest changes to the ergonomics of your website to make it more compatible with current UX standards.
  • We identify and work on rendering issues related to differences in mobile devices, browsers, or screens.
  • We ensure that your site complies with GDPR and make the necessary modifications to make it compatible if needed.

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