Why you need to have an online strategy in Vietnam in 10 figures

If you have a business in Vietnam you need an online strategy. Here are 10 figures to prove it:


Reach the Vietnamese Market

73% of the Vietnamese population is connected to Internet.

That is a potential market of approximately 72 million people. With the right online strategy, you can easily capture a lot of attention… and sales!


6H per day spent by Vietnamese on the Internet.

Since the local population treasures building families and communities, social connectivity is one of the top priorities on the Vietnamese list. People are spending countless hours browsing social media, sharing their work on niche online groups, or researching anything that is occupying their minds.


93% of the Vietnamese Internet users are on Facebook.

The platform ranks first in the country, and Zalo is a close second, but mostly used in a professional setting. The Vietnamese have also a presence on every major international social media channel including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more. There is no close social media ecosystem, unlike in China.



Build your brand in Vietnam

34.2% of Vietnamese Internet users discover new brands, services, or products via search engines.

Building your online presence and staying on the good side of search engines with a correct SEO strategy is an extremely efficient way to raise your brand awareness. This figure is comparable to TV advertisements.


62.6% of Vietnamese Internet users use Social Media as primary source of info when researching a brand.

Social media remains an important place for Vietnamese customers to form their opinions.


57.1% Of Vietnamese research brands online before making a purchase.

While some make impulse purchases through referrals from friends more than half of the Vietnamese internet users don’t make a purchase right away. They go through meticulous research online about the brand before paying for the product.


46.9% of Vietnamese Internet users visited a brand website in the past 30 days.

A common misconception would be to think that you can have an online presence in Vietnam only via social networks. Statistics are showing that Vietnamese people are still giving great importance to company websites.



Sell in Vietnam

51.7 Million Vietnamese bought consumer goods via Internet in 2021.

The e-commerce market is expected to reach 15 Billion USD in 2025. This can be explained by the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior and the rise of a young tech-savvy population. Most popular e-commerce platforms are regional foreign-owned such as Shopee and Lazada (except locally-owned Tiki).


12.4 Billion USD spent on online consumer goods in Vietnam in 2021.

Vietnamese people have an easy access to debit and credit cards. If it’s not the case, most E-commerce stores are offering cash to delivery services. These factors, combined to the presence of an efficient network of shipping companies have made possible the exponential growth of e-commerce in the country.


812 Million Dollars spent on online advertising in 2021.

Businesses compete to make the most appearance online and inside the daily lives of potential customers so it’s no surprise how much money is poured into digital advertisements.

Whether you are new or had years in the Vietnamese market, these 10 figures show how important it is to invest in your online presence.

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Sources: datareportal.com – Digital 2022: Vietnam report

We offer web services of design, development and marketing, customized to your industry, your digital project and your budget.

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We offer Web services of design, development and marketing, customized to your industry, your digitization project and your budget.

We offer Web services of design, development and marketing, customized to your industry, your digitization project and your budget.

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